Bill Maher said‚ "Let's call Halloween what it is -- an excuse to dress up like a hooker." For a lot of bands‚ it's a chance to dress up in a musical costumes and play a wide range of covers. There were plenty of surprises in 2009. Here are a few cool things I found out and about on the interwebs.
Phish covered the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street in its entirety. Check out Adam King's review and Andrew Hill's photos. Interesting blog on the Stones' making Exile here.
Phish - "Torn & Frayed"
Phish - "Shine A Light"
moe. had plenty of surprises (see the review and photos here) -- Paul Simon‚ Phish‚ Miley Cyrus‚ Pink Floyd‚ Grateful Dead and Tenacious D. Here's there second set opener‚ Phish's "Stash":
Lotus used David Bowie as their theme at the Sonar in Baltimore -- going in and out of different Bowie material throughout the night ("Suffragette City‚" "Fame‚" "Let's Dance!‚" "Under Pressure‚" "Space Oddity‚" "Rebel Rebel"). Also‚ each band member dressed up as Bowie from a different era. They worked with a professional makeup artist and all -- here's a photo posted on the band's message board:
Lotus - "Let's Dance!"
Rubblebucket's Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver dressed up as each other - pretty spot on:

Widespread Panic played in Austin‚ TX and covered songs by Nirvana‚ ZZ Top‚ Meat Puppets and Leon Russell -- it looks raging:
Gov't Mule with guest Jackie Greene‚ paid tribute to the Rolling Stones at the Tower in Philly -- check out Matt Abts doing his best Mick Jagger: