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1. Win Tickets to Liberate Music and Yoga Festival: Lotus‚ Brothers Past‚ Rubblebucket and more
      Win Tickets to Liberate Music and Yoga Festival
2. Lotus - Escaping Sargasso Sea
      review of Lotus' Escaping Sargasso Sea
3. Lotus with Perpetual Groove
      Photos of Lotus with opener Perpetual Groove at Higher Ground in Burlington‚ VT on March 27‚ 2009‚ by Graeme Flegenheimer
4. Stream/Download Lotus' Two New EPs - Oil on Glass & Feather on Wood
      Stream new Lotus!
5. Lotus
      Lotus at Higher Ground 11/19/2010‚ photos by Ben Resnik
6. Lotus
      Dirty Santa behind the lens
7. Lotus
      Photos of Lotus at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY on April 4, 2008, by Andrew Hill
8. Lotus
      Photos of Lotus at Higher Ground in Burlington‚ VT on March 28‚ 2009‚ by Graeme Flegenheimer
9. Lotus
      Lotus photos from Higher Ground‚ Burlington‚ VT‚ 11/20/2010‚ by Greg Gouwens
10. Lotus
      Dara Palermo
11. Lotus
      Lotus at The Intersection‚ Grand Rapids‚ MI‚ February 15‚ 2012‚ photography by Ben Freedman
12. Liberate Festival 2010: Lotus‚ Brothers Past‚ Rubblebucket...
      3rd annual Liberate Music and Yoga Festival - August 20th and 21st in Sheldon‚ Vermont.
13. State of Mind: Best of 2008 Video and Staff Picks
      In December we invited a bunch of our music lovin' friends over‚ fed them mimosas and hot mulled cider‚ sat them down in front of a camera‚ and asked them to answer the question‚ What was one of your favorite albums of 2008? Also on the page‚ the State of Mind staff picks for favorite albums and moments of 2008.
14. Camp Bisco 2013
      Camp Bisco 2013 at Indian Lookout Club‚ Mariaville‚ NY‚ July 11-13‚ 2013‚ by Derek Freeburn and photography by Alex Rice-Swiss
15. Staff Picks: Top Photos of 2010
      State of Mind's Top Photos of 2010 by Richard Gastwirt‚ Ben Hudson‚ Greg Gouwens‚ Andrew Hill‚ Andrew Wyatt‚ Mark Smith‚ Mike Wren
16. Hope Dies Last: A Sit-Down with Brothers Past
      Hope Dies Last: A Sit-Down with Brothers Past‚ by Evangelos Dimitriadis
17. Dan Deacon
      Dan Deacon performs at Branx in Portland, OR, December 3, 2011, by Adam King
18. Mountain Jam '08
      Review of Mountain Jam in Hunter‚ NY on May 30 - June 1‚ 2008‚ by Scot MacMillan‚ with photos by Live Music Beth
19. Halloween 2009: More Than an Excuse to Dress Up Like a Hooker
      Halloween 2009...
20. 10,000 Lakes Festival
      Photos of the 10K Lakes Festival‚ by Andrew Wyatt