State of Mind Radio‚ Episode 24: It Doesn't Sound Like It Was Recorded in Our Kitchen!
Dear listeners‚
It's true! This time SoM Radio is crisp and clear as a mountain lake. Though it's neither cold nor watery. And doesn't accommodate a boat. Yet. It's kind of like Episode 23 was our 4-track demo and this is our first studio record. The difference‚ you ask? Well‚ the first one was literally recorded and mixed in my kitchen-and it sounds that way. Oh‚ and I know nothing about recording.
This time‚ my new co-producer‚ Alison Duback‚ engineered everything in the comfort of her cozy basement and edited and mixed it all in her office on ProTools as we drank various flavors of seltzer. Alison learned her craft at NYU and honed it as a music assistant‚ editor and supervisor on a slew of films‚ from Ethan Hawk's Chelsea Walls to Spike Lee's 25th Hour and Bamboozled to a personal favorite of mine‚ Dinner Rush‚ a little-seen indie gem of a restaurant/mafia movie. (You can see her credits here.)
In Episode 24‚ Mike McKinley and I talk about the new issue and bring in Doug Collette to talk about his conversation with Béla Fleck. Also‚ Adam King tells some hilarious stories about talking to J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.‚ and Mike asks me about my experiences with Nels Cline‚ who plays lead guitar for Wilco.
When we hit the review section‚ Mike invokes Coltrane to talk about Nathan Moore's In His Own Worlds and moe.'s Warts & All 5. Adam King uses the word "hip" twelve times while explaining why The Mother Hips' Kiss the Crystal Flake should be dominating the airwaves and how Arthur & Yu sound like a surprising pair of famous singers-if only one was more chemically enhanced and one was less so.
And‚ of course‚ there's music. The real joy of SoM Radio is playing the music featured in the magazine. Also‚ where else can you hear Lotus‚ Nathan Moore‚ Chick Corea & Bela Fleck‚ John Coltrane‚ and a Jeff Tweedy guitar solo all in the course of 36 minutes and 23 seconds?
I hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it.
Matt Bushlow & Everyone at SoM Radio

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