Brain… Feet… Big-Ass Headphones… I'd like you to meet your new best friend. This is Escaping Sargasso Sea. It's by Lotus. You know‚ the talented electro-rock groove-masters out of Philly. (No‚ the other guys. The ones without the shitty vocals.) It's their latest release‚ and they have managed to brilliantly capture a nice slice of that heat they've been throwin' down onstage. I have no doubt you all are just going to love it. I mean‚ they made sure there is a little something for each of you. For example‚ Brain‚ I bet you're gonna love the fact that they picked only choice live cuts from their fall tour and melted them down into not just one‚ but two‚ CDs. Yup. Getting excited? I bet you are. And just wait until your synapses become lulled by all that addictive‚ tranced-out jamming‚ only to start firing like mad as the symbiotic percussive team of Steve Clemens and Chuck Morris pull a fast one and shift up the beats when you least expect it. You'll never hear it coming. (A couple of rhythm ninjas those two.) As if that weren't enough‚ you'd better prepare yourself for Mike Rempel's jazzy‚ ethereal and stratospheric guitar licks‚ especially on cuts like "Wooly Mammoth" and "Mikesnack." Oh‚ he'll take you there and back. Out of this world.
Huh‚ what's that‚ Feet? What about you? Best tell you now‚ the two of you are gonna be plenty busy‚ especially when they drop the mad dance party that is "Slow Cookin.'" Might want to warn Booty and Moneymaker as well; things about to get mighty sweaty.
And Big-Ass Headphones‚ you‚ my friend‚ are going to rediscover what all that high-end circuitry is really for. The album's stellar mix down was made just for you‚ with the deep lows of Jesse Miller's chunky‚ funky bass boomin' in perfect balance with the bright highs of Rempel's guitar. And enjoy listening to Luke Miller's addictive keyboard hooks‚ bleeps and sweeping passes‚ which are oh-so cleverly layered‚ making full use of your advanced sound spectrum. Try the mighty and epic "Wax" to experience just what I'm talking about. Or‚ for the ultimate mind melt‚ crank up the we're-now-playing-on-a-WHOLE-OTHER-LEVEL "It's All Clear to Me Now">"Sunrain">"Flower Sermon">"Sunrain" funfest. Saints be praised! Your tweeters and woofers are gonna thank you!
So there it is. The three of you best be prepared for a hot album by a white-hot band. Lotus have never sounded better and have delivered one of the summer's best rides. So get in there and enjoy. Oh and‚ Brain‚ don't think too much. Just let it flow… It's best that way.
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