MM: That's interesting…
BH: I told my parents about that for months‚ and one day my mom was listening to the BBC and heard an hour long interview with the lawyer who was hired by 400 plus families of WTC victims to sue the Bush administration for prior knowledge and aiding and abetting. Now have you seen that in Newsweek? Is that in Time Magazine? Is that on the cover of the New York Times? No‚ because the same corporations that own our government and create our governmental policies also own all the media and the press. They don't own my ass so I can get on the mic and say whatever the fuck I want. And I'm going to every night until I get put in a fucking Ashcroft concentration camp‚ which is what they are trying to do under Patriot Act One. Under that act it would create a fascist government‚ but thankfully there are some Republicans in the House that realize what they are trying to do. The reason Patriot Act One isn't being executed to it's fullest isn't because there are some wise old Democrats in the House and Senate; it's because there are conservative Republicans who consider themselves to be servants to God or Christ or whatever it is‚ and they know that the shit is evil.
MM: (laughing) Right.
BH: One of Bush's greatest foes is the guy that does the Prison Planet website‚ who is Alex Jones‚ a fellow Texan who grew up around the Bush family. He considers himself to be a conservative‚ strict‚ Christian‚ Republican‚ and he will only deal with the truth. That's why on that Web site there's no bullshit; every piece of information is directly linked to the newspapers it came from. It's all mainstream articles from the mainstream press. Alex Jones feels that George Bush is a walking‚ living‚ Satanist‚ and he's a Christian and wants the truth to be known. It's interesting who Bush's foes really are; the media makes it seem like it's Democrats - these crazy‚ wacky‚ liberal‚ Democrats who are Godless and question Bush's fundamental Christianity. That's a bunch of bullshit; Bush's greatest foes are conservative‚ Christian‚ Republicans who know that he's full of shit and that he's a liar‚ and know that he's an oil barren. That invasion of Afghanistan‚ I mean I've heard that invasion was planned for 15 years; I've heard it's been planned for 20 years; I've heard it's been planned ever since Russia left Afghanistan. And the whole WTC thing - man‚ brother‚ once you do some research on that you're going to call me up and say‚ "Brother‚ why the fuck did you have me start researching that?" Because it's terrifying to think what our government gets away with. I'll tell you why I've been researching it so much - we were camping in woods in Arkansas on tour the night before September 11th. I don't lucid dream that often; when you lucid you remember ever detail of your dream like a story book in your head. My entire dream was about Bush's twin daughters‚ and the entire dream was 15 to 20 different scenarios where his daughters‚ always together‚ were begging him not to destroy the earth. That was my dream all fucking night. I never dreamed about Bush or his daughters before that night. He was in the Oval Office and all his daughters kept saying to him was‚ "Daddy‚ we want make you a grandfather; we want to have babies and have a healthy family. Please don't destroy the Earth." This scenario keep playing over and over again at family functions‚ doing recreational activities‚ at sporting events‚ and eating dinner - the twin daughters begging him not to destroy the Earth. The phone wakes me up at 9:30 in the morning and it was Reed's girlfriend at the time screaming and freaking out talking about how two planes attacked the World Trade Center. I knew the instant that cell phone woke me up that the person on the other line was going to have explanation for what I was just dreaming about the entire night. Sure enough‚ after researching that's what I found: Bush and Cheney knew about that shit for a long time before it happened and they made sure it happened. The FBI made sure that it happened‚ and the CIA made sure that it happened. Like seventy-five FBI agents tried to stop this from happening and they were told to stand down or they were going to lose their job and they would be discharged. Now the federal government is being sued by FBI agents and 400 families of victims of the WTC. So what's on the front of the newspaper everyday? Iraq this and SARS that‚ and anthrax this and sniper that‚ and it's all diversionary bullshit so that the American public won't really find out about what happened on 9/11. None of those terrorists even knew how to fly a fucking plane; some of those terrorists are still alive in Arab nations giving interviews to prove that the United States is a lying nation. Those mug shots that were broadcast all over the newspapers‚ some of those guys have been dead for three or four years‚ some of them are still alive. They didn't even do a good job; what they actually used was a device that was invented in the late 60's and developed in the military arsenal in the early 70's which can fly commercial jet airliners by remote control. Both of those planes were flown into those buildings by remote control‚ and this is not conspiracy theory‚ this is being brought up in front of grand jury by this lawyer who's suing on behalf of the 400 families of WTC victims and he has proof that those planes were flown by remote control.
MM: Really?
BH: It's so outrageous! Why is that not on the front page of the New York Times? That shit is interesting. But that's what I think our government does - they kill people and divert the truth; they kill more people and they divert the truth. So I just try to let people know about that from the stage‚ and tell people to do their own research. I tell people to not even believe me; that's just as stupid as believing the newspaper. Go do your own research and believe yourself. And then call me in a year and say‚ "Thanks for making me do my own research. Now I'm not cattle anymore‚" (laughs). I mean there's so much information with the internet that you can reference‚ and cross-reference‚ and cross-reference again‚ and document‚ and document again‚ and cross-reference all your documentation (laughter). You'll find out what really is fucking going on if you want to‚ or you can be a sheep that eats‚ sleeps‚ and shits and dies like 95% of the people on the planet.
MM: Well‚ I think it's strange that our political and economical drive in this country is based on fear.
BH: It's all about fear. Fear the brown people‚ fear the black people‚ fear the Arab people‚ and fear all these people. There are terrorists everywhere! According to the World Court‚ the judiciary branch of the United Nations‚ there has only been one country that has ever been found guilty of terrorism. Guess what country? It was the United States of America‚ for the acts of violence our CIA caused in Columbia‚ Nicaragua‚ Honduras‚ and Panama. Now our country is fighting a war on terrorism that will never end and that eventually is going to create a police state. From the research I've been doing I would be very surprised if there was a 2004 election because I think they are going to create another huge national disaster - either a nuclear disaster‚ or a chemical attack on our own soil and they're going to declare marshal law and there won't be a 2004 election.
MM: Wow that sounds extreme.
BH: If it doesn't happen I'm going to be psyched. I'm praying that this doesn't happen and that the FBI and CIA agents who will be told to look the other way will say "Fuck you" to the government and prevent this from happening. I am a patriot and I'm praying for this country to keep going‚ but unfortunately I'm also a researcher and I can't bullshit myself. I mean‚ I wish I could. My parents voted for Bush and they voted for Reagan‚ and I've been turning them on to all this research. And now they believe Bush is a Satan-loving‚ cocksucker.
MM: (laughing) Nice work man.
BH: My parents are as conservative as can be‚ I mean so conservative. They are Republican hard-cores‚ and conservative Christian‚ and that's how blatant this administration is. So blatant that people that normally would brainlessly follow are saying‚ "Wait‚ something is not right here." And since I'm not in an Ashcroft camp yet I'm going to talk about it. And I'm thankful that people like you are going to write about my ass (laughs).
MM: Well‚ that's the idea; this is a forum‚ and every night you play you have a forum to present ideas to people.
BH: Well‚ Patriot Act One was already written and after they stage another disaster Patriot Act Two will be put in order without anyone reading it‚ just like Patriot Act One. My bumper sticker...sorry brother‚ this how I'm tying this all back around. I know it only took me forty-five minutes to make my point‚ but my bumper sticker (A True Patriot Questions Our Lying Government) will be illegal under Patriot Act Two. I've read excerpts and any sign or speech or language that can be viewed as intimidating the federal government is illegal and is a prison-able offense. Check that out. That's not what Thomas Jefferson‚ James Madison‚ John Adams and George Washington had in mind when this country was created.
MM: I think a lot of that has to do with the idea of capitalism and how it causes corruption. It's just gone way too far from the underlying philosophy of a free enterprise. I mean‚ it's like any underlying principles of a good idea‚ like religion‚ or communism. But once people get their hands on it they begin to exploit it and that eventually causes corruption. But anyway‚ I thought I'd share this with you‚ recently I heard that the Homeland Security Act has this little blurb in there that nobody knew about regarding insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. During the early 90's some vaccinations given to children had higher levels of mercury‚ and it has been proven that this has caused autism. So during this period the number of children with autism significantly increased because of these drugs.
BH: Yeah‚ I heard about this‚ a lot of the vaccines elementary children are taking are filled with heavy metals. It's population control man.
MM: So there's this blurb in the Homeland Security Act that states if your child suffers because of these faulty vaccinations you cannot sue the pharmaceutical companies‚ or their insurance companies. And nobody knew about this first off‚ and secondly‚ what the fuck is it doing in the Homeland Security Act? So there's actually a member of Congress whose grandchild is one of these children that fell into this case‚ and he didn't even know that it was in there. Now he's trying to get it reversed‚ or removed out of there.
BH: It's blatant corporate cock-sucking! "Oh wait‚ you gave lots of money to my campaign‚ well we're doing this Homeland Security Act so we'll throw some shit in there how nobody can sue pharmaceutical companies." How bizarre is that? That's what I'm saying about this administration; they're blatant about their devilry‚ blatant about how evil they are‚ and it's actually having a great effect because it's waking people up.
Originally published on‚ May 2003
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