DC: Big difference. Do you regularly record your gigs and listen to them to see how the band sounds and maybe get an idea?
BP: I listen to them sometimes. I listen to them more these days. I used to never listen‚ but people record them‚ and then they end up online. You can't avoid that. That's fine. I'm all good with that.
DC: I've talked to musicians and read about bands that love to hear their live recordings because they hear themselves play things that they don't remember and that are very impressive to them and also as a means of saying‚ "Hey that's a great idea for a composition. Why don't we take this‚ firm it up a little bit and call it a tune?"
BP: That‚ actually‚ I never do. But that's a valid technique.
DC: What have you got planned for after the Coalition tour? Do you try to change things up so you're doing something very different from project to project?
BP: Well‚ I don't try to do it consciously‚ but it sometimes ends up like that. The Seperation is opening in February. That's a huge thing. I'm trying to prepare the score now. So I'll be doing that for sure. And next year I'm really trying to focus a lot on the Coalition and to get a working band that can go out and kind of build on what we have. So I plan on really having the Coalition as my working band. And I'm not sure; next year I may resurrect my Bitches Brew band which I used to do years ago-Miles' seminal record with a lot of these musicians that I've been playing with recently‚ you know‚ like Skerik and Charlie. So I'm talking with them about that in the summer.
DC: Wow‚ that would be a real treat to hear‚ because I don't think that music of Miles' will ever get more attention than it deserves. It's just absolutely endless in its depth.
BP: You got that right.
Bobby Previte & Charlie Hunter/Come In Red Dog This is Tango Leader (Ropeadope 2003):
As the album credits state‚ this album was recorded "live as all get out‚" and enabled Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter to became fast friends and musical compadres. The duo interweaves the sound of Hunter's unique eight-string instrument with Previte's bracing drum work‚ a plethora of electronic percussion and samples galore. The effect is somewhat disorienting‚ yet in the end strangely fascinating and stands as an important link to the collaborations that would follow in very short order.
Hunter/Previte-Groundtruther/Longitude (Thirsty Ear 2005):
The second installment in the planned trilogy of this project finds DJ Logic lurking in the background behind Hunter on eight string guitar and Previte on acoustic and electric percussion. At once more conventional and more experimental than its predecessor Latitude (with Greg Osby)‚ this album moves from scratching to riffing then into soft dreamy interludes of electronics and ambience‚ making it simultaneously accessible and challenging to listen to.
The Coalition Of The Willing (Ropeadope 2006):
One of the best albums of 2006‚ Previte and Hunter head a large cast that includes Jamie Saft and Skerik. The ensemble focuses a sophisticated energy into an album unified by a pop influence referencing The Beatles and The Who. Meanwhile‚ indicative of the multiple levels on which the Bobby Previte usually works‚ its title is derived from George Orwell's 1984‚ lending a topical slant to this all instrumental music that further distinguishes it from the insular fusion music of thirty years ago.