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1. The Avett Brothers
      The Avett Brothers at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, April 25, 2012, photography by Richard Gastwirt
2. NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival
      NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival (weekend 1)‚ by Adam Mccullough
3. Mountain Jam 2010
      Mountain Jam 2010 by Andrew Franke‚ photos by Richard Gastwirt
4. Newport Folk Festival 2009
      Newport Folk Festival 2009 photos by Richard Gastwirt
5. Staff Picks: Top Photos of 2011
      Staff Picks: Top Photos of 2011. Featuring SoM Photographers Richard Gastwirt‚ Andrew Wyatt‚ Chenoa Charpentier‚ Chelsea Valente‚ Andrew Hill‚ Mike Wren Greg Gouwens and Brent Harrewyn
6. Newport Folk Festival 2010
      Newport Folk Festival 2010 - photos by Richard Gastwirt
7. moe. Plays Sound Check for Kids
      moe. Plays Sound Check for Kids at Palace Theater‚ Albany‚ NY‚ March 3‚ 2012 -- interview with Marcy Dunigan. photos by Andrew Hill.
8. Mountain Jam 2011
      Mountain Jam 2011 review by Michael Bandy‚ photography by Richard Gastwirt
9. Staff Picks: Top Photos of 2012
      Staff Picks: Top Photos of 2012 Photographers are Rich Gastwirt, Mike Wren, Greg Gouwens, Andrew Wyatt, Andy Hill, Chenoa Charpentier, Bud Fulginiti, Alex Rice-Swiss, Michelle Arthur, and Brent Harrewyn
10. Grand Point North Festival 2012
      Grand Point North Festival‚ Waterfront Park‚ Burlington‚ VT‚ September 14th & 15th‚ 2012. Photography by Greg Gouwens