I guess I feel maybe a little dwarfed by the cast‚ because I admire them all so much‚ and they're all famous people. So I think‚ "How am I going to tour this thing? What if people hear this record and they have this larger-than-life expectation about what it would be like to hear me sing the songs?" More than that‚ I feel really high on the lessons that I was talking about earlier; how this was a collaboration‚ a collaborative thing that I struggled with it at different times. How it was hard‚ dealing with people and letting go. Things like that. Ultimately‚ the moral of the story is that there's nothing better‚ or more inspiring than this kind of collaboration. We do these things for each other. You know what I mean? Maybe sometimes in our bedroom we're like‚ "I'm this great thing‚" or whatever. "I'm going to do this great thing for the world." But we do them for each other‚ and to be able to do them with each other feels right and good. It's worth it‚ and I just want to do it more and more. It's just exciting to expand the scene. For me and Michael -- we've worked together a bunch‚ and now there's Todd‚ and all these singers‚ and the world's a little smaller.
So what do you think you are going to do next? Once the album comes out‚ you'll be touring and promoting it. Do you have any thoughts about writing and recording? Or are you happy it's finished for now?
I have a record that is maybe a few songs shy of a full record‚ which I would like to make sometime. I haven't recorded that‚ yet. That's one thing. But I've also have really started thinking about another theatre show I want to do. I was a little shell-shocked by the whole experience of Hadestown‚ and how long it took‚ how much energy and money‚ and interpersonal life shit‚ but I ultimately can't stay away from that kind of project. So I think I want to roll up my sleeves again.
Any ideas about what it will be?
Yeah‚ I know exactly what it would be‚ but I shouldn't talk about it quite yet.