In 2008, Apollo Sunshine's guitarist Sam Cohen told me in an interview that the band would probably be making records together forever. The alchemy they have together was implied in the way he discussed their music. And for me, it's obvious when you hear their records. The three records they made in the 2000s -- Katonah, Apollo Sunshine and Shall Noise Upon -- I felt were among the strongest of the decade.
When I spoke with Sam, the band had just released Shall Noise Upon and they were still dealing with life/band transformations that took place while they were making the record: the band went from living in the same city together to three different cities -- Boston, San Francisco, Brooklyn. With drummer Jeremy Black moving to the other side of the country, touring logistics obviously became a lot harder.
They've just announced two shows in March, and with 2009 being such a quiet year for the band, it feels like a treat:

March 18th - The Paradise in Boston
March 25th - Southpaw in Brooklyn
Here are videos for "Singing to the Earth" and "Money" from 2008's Shall Noise Upon: