Well‚ sometimes when you can't get people to perform at your office‚ you can still tune into NPR. Bob Boilen‚ host of NPR's All Songs Considered‚ has a great series of live performances called the Tiny Desk Concerts‚ where largely acoustic acts sing and play in front of a couple of mics in his office.
This time it's David Rawlings and Gillian Welch‚ who are supporting Rawlings's first album‚ Friend of a Friend. This is a great taste for those who have been wondering what these two are up to these days. Essentially‚ they're playing the other side to their musical coin: same voices‚ same guitars‚ same moods‚ but the way it all fits together is slightly different.
Personally‚ I love the combination of the long‚ dramatic dual cover "Method Acting/Cortez the Killer‚" paired with "Sweet Tooth." Their performance reminds me of all the reasons I love these two. And as much as I enjoy Friend‚ I'm really squirming in my seat waiting for the new Gillian album.