Dan Deacon's Bromst is all over our "Best of 2009" lists‚ and for good reason. And while I love the record's maniacal‚ mad-scientist analog/digital beat chemistry‚ I can't help but remember how I first learned about Deacon: the infamous viral video "Drinkin' Out of Cups." There's nothing quite like the video's headful-of-LSD non-sequiturs and absurdity‚ plus the fact that it makes you and your friends say things to each other like‚ "Who's this guy? Mr. Balloons? Mr. Balloonhands? No way."
And while there's no direct connection‚ other than Deacon's tendency towards madcap humor‚ Pitchfork recently debuted a new video for the Deacon track "Woof Woof" off Bromst. Produced by Baltimore collective Showbeast‚ it stars a man wearing a zebra jumpsuit‚ two felt dolls‚ and a bashful‚ yet evil Deacon in a cat costume. That's all before the magic "grow powder" and the band arrive.... It weighs it at around 11 minutes‚ so pour yourself a beverage and get ready to join the circus.