Disco BiscuitsLast week I received an advance of the Disco Biscuits' new studio record Planet Anthem. My first impression left me feeling similar to a lot of experiences I've had with the Biscuits over the years: It surprised the shit out of me. In 2001 when they released They Missed the Perfume it felt like a massive sonic breakthrough with layers and layers of electronic sounds that made headphone listening a revelation. Nothing sounded quite like it. In this case with Planet Anthem‚ it's a little more perplexing in its surprise factor. What I've heard so far tells me‚ for the most part‚ that the Biscuits made a record that potentially has club dance hits on it (and of course‚ there's more) -- complete with auto tune vocals‚ poppy-beats‚ etc. It hasn't sunk in enough yet to say if that means its good or band. Surprising to hear? You bet your ass.
The Disco Biscuits have announced a big winter/spring tour to support themselves and to support the release of Planet Anthem -- due out February 2‚ 2010. Check the dates here.
Here's another surprise I recently stumble across: the Biscuits covering Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" from Buffalo‚ June 5‚ 2008. Wowie.