MM: I guess the way I'm looking at is you're a part of it just like me. It's just that kind of idea where together it can happen and take place. And you can have revelations because of it.
NM: Absolutely.
MM: Well‚ did you grow up in a religious household?
NM: I went to church every Sunday when I was a kid. My grandparents are devout Baptist‚ my mom goes to church every Sunday‚ and my dad wasn't very religious. My mom was sort of religious‚ you know‚ she goes to church but never thumbed a bible or anything like that. What a powerful thing that is to be taken to church every week when you're a wide-eyed imaginative child. I've spent a lifetime reconciling that story within my existence and understanding what people believe.
MM: I understand. I grew up with that as well…
NM: It goes on to this day. It's down to the ultimate conundrum...of being completely frustrated with Christians. As a culture I don't really understand it too much because it's the opposite of the story that he said. When I got to the point where I got Christ and understood the message it was at the same time that I realized all the Christians around me didn't really believe it.
MM: Yeah‚ the time I found Christ is the time I left people who thought they found Christ (laughs).
NM: Right‚ right‚ I mean a strong revolutionary pacifist that demonstrated magic and said that we could all do it. Wow...He had long hair‚ just like all my friends (laughs). But then you go back and everyone getting dressed up in their three-piece suits to go to church‚ and all of that kind of stuff...
MM: And they don't believe it.
NM: And it really messes with me; I think too much and it really confuses me. Especially nowadays‚ with everything happening‚ because you'd think Christians would understand the idea and that it's been stolen. The reason they would feel brave enough to do it is one‚ that Christ said it‚ and two‚ that they believe in God. That's some powerful stuff. But it just doesn't turn out to work like that.
MM: Yeah‚ I think you're right. I think the downfall of God is people (laughter). They just don't know how to handle it.
NM: My dog is a perfect Christian (laughs).
MM: I think so much of it has to do with tolerance. As an example‚ I was at work the other day and I received one of those forwarded emails‚ and you know‚ one of those send this to ten people and whatever. But it was really funny because it was like‚ "Isn't this the truth‚" and it was about God‚ and how we want God out of our pledge of allegiance‚ we want to do away with prayer in school‚ etc. And then 9/11 happens and all of that time leading up to that we were removing God from our lives and as a society we were saying we didn't want God in our lives. And then it goes on to say how God is patient and God goes away‚ and just this long drawn out thing. My reaction was‚ "What is this bullshit?" Delete. It just rubbed me the wrong way. The tone of this email was all about fearing God and I just thought this isn't right. You're completely missing the point‚ you know? The whole thing is about fear‚ and I guess being superstitious‚ and it's really troubling to me.
NM: It is about fear‚ and it is confusing. It would be one thing if it was just ideas‚ but if you watch the news you realize that all this stuff is happening. That's the thing that's scary; I wish it was just ideas.
MM: Yeah‚ it's scary to think that on the other side of the world our president is an enemy to their God. That's some scary shit. It's like slow down‚ let's reexamine what God is about.
NM: It's based on the word "religion." And I love that kind stuff because as a writer religion to me is story. It's myth and it's beautiful; I love religion. But it seems to be such a dangerous thing‚ whether it's radical Muslims or radical Christians or anybody‚ it's really scary. I don't know what that's all about. People say you shouldn't live in fear and I agree with that one hundred percent‚ but it's pretty scary‚ isn't it? (Laughter)
MM: It certainly is.
NM: "Sorry!" You know? But right now I'm trying to let my songs take their shoes off and play in the puddles again. I definitely tortured myself a little too much over this whole world affairs thing. It's a hard thing to let go of...if I could just cut it off I'd feel a lot better‚ but some reason I just soak it up like a sponge. The nice weather is coming and I feel like just jumping in the water.
MM: It's like you can't let's awful. It's like you always have to be doing something (laughs). I just went through a period where I was a complete news junkie...and I get ten emails a day about you know‚ "Bush is a piece a shit" or the daily lie. And then I get these updates from environmental groups giving me all the bad news this administration is doing. But you're right; you turn on the news everyday and...that will drive you insane.
NM: Yeah‚ it's really heavy...thus the conundrum.
MM: Right. So let's talk about ThaMuseMeant; I know you're back together and planning on touring extensively.