Just got a text from Adam King (SoM writer, musician) saying "Vetiver remix is dope." He had no idea what it was, just that he heard it on UVM's radio station‚ WRUV. I did some investigation‚ and yes‚ it is dope‚ and it's Vetiver's Andy Cabic doing his own remix of "More of This" -- the original appears on Vetiver's latest release Tight Knit. Here's some love for your ears:
Vetiver - "More of This" remix

From Bella Union (who will be releasing the remix later this month on 12" vinyl):
Vetiver will return to brighten our winter months with the new single "MORE OF THIS" -- a wonderful slice of West Coast pop released this November. "MORE OF THIS" will be released on limited edition 12" vinyl on Monday 30th November and will be backed Cabic's very own remix of "More of This" -- a jam that takes the original‚ strips it to the bone and then soaks it in these lazy African and Hawaiian rhythms.