Jason: It was good‚ I liked it. This one is much smaller than Gathering of the Vibes‚ but not as organized‚ you can tell the Vibes has more people. Here‚ it's a smaller‚ cozier fest.

Do you think about a year from now? Three years from now and down the road?
Jake: A lot actually‚ since Jeff is two years behind us in the school system‚ we have to wonder where we will go to college. I hope for exponential growth over the next two years.
Jason: It's kinda hard to think about what's going to happen in two years; it's crazy to me.
Jeff: It's been a crazy year.
Jake: If someone had told me [a year ago] that a year from now I would have played at Rolling Stone (magazine's main offices)‚ and in clubs‚ at festivals‚ I would have thought they were crazy.

Pete Mason is a high school special education teacher from Albany‚ NY. He is the author of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish‚ and the forthcoming collaborative cookbook with Taraleigh Silberberg‚ Phan Food: From the Parking Lot to the Kitchen Pot