Jeff: We'd never be able to just get a new drummer.
Jake: We're not interchangeable like some other bands are‚ like‚ if one of us is gone‚ the whole band is; it's not The McLovins anymore‚ it's not us.
Jeff: Phish is kinda like that too.
Jake: Yeah‚ what would Phish be like without Trey or Gordo.
It would be Page and Fish. [laughs] OK‚ favorite TV show?
Jake: Taxi‚ Northern Exposure.
Jason: Modern Marvels.
Jeff: Seinfeld‚ Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Favorite sport player/team?
Jake: Tiger Woods.
Jason: Nothing really.
Jeff: Not too into sports.

Favorite food/meal?
Jake: Crepes.
Jason: Cheese fondu.
Jeff: Sushi.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Jake: Art Blakey‚ Jon Fishman‚ Ziggaboo (The Meters)‚ David Garibaldi.
Jason: Jaco Pastorus‚ Stanley Ulinke‚ Paul Chambers‚ Spankey the Breast.
Jeff: Jeff Beck‚ John McLaughlin‚ Trey Anastasio‚ John Mayer.

What did you think of your first Phish show? (Jake‚ Jason and Jeff‚ and their parents‚ went to the 8/14/09 show in their hometown of Hartford‚ CT)
Jake: Oh my God! I can't believe they played "Icculus"!
Jeff: The setlist was unbelievable.
You guys got a helluva first show.
Jake: And we got to meet Trey's manager‚ Patrick Jordan.
Jason: I loved Phish before‚ but then after seeing that‚ it was like…
Jeff: It was really inspiring also‚ it made me want to play live‚ like when you go to a museum and you see a picture and you want to draw. That's what the Phish show was like. And Putnam Den (Saratoga Springs‚ NY) right after that‚ and that was such a great gig.
Jake: After seeing the Phish shows and then playing at the Putnam Den‚ we felt like we hit the next level playing together.

Having played (and attended) your first two festivals this summer‚ what are your thoughts on festivals?