Jeff: And they're always great people‚ it's an exciting thing.
Jason: I think it's really cool.

Do you have hobbies or other interests outside of music? What do you do in your spare time if you aren't playing music?
Jeff: I've skied with Jason before.
Jake: We go long-boarding together.
Jeff: That's a lot of fun.
Jake: I guess they aren't really hobbies for us‚ more of a way to cool down. I focus all of my energy into drumming‚ or writing music‚ so I guess no "real hobbies." [laughs]
Jason: I don't really do much other than play music. I'll spend spare time playing the bass‚ if not that‚ playing the piano‚ if not that‚ I'm making random songs on my computer‚ or on my Kalimba‚ and if not that... I guess doing my homework. [all laugh]
Jeff: I draw sometimes‚ I like sketching pictures.
Jason: I like eating‚ eating is fun. That's what I do like more than homework; I spend more time eating than homework.

If you could play at one venue‚ where would you most like to play?
Jake: (quickly) Bonnaroo.
Jeff: Toad's Place.
Jason and Jake: Toad's Place? Toad's Place?
Jeff: Yeah‚ Bonnaroo.
Jason and Jake: Toad's Place?!
Jason: Madison Square Garden‚ that to me is a dream right there.
Have you seen any shows at MSG?
Jason: I've seen them on TV.
Jeff: Sell OUT Madison Square Garden
Jason: But this [festival‚ Let It Roll] is good too. [laughs]
Jeff: Or Toad's Place.
Jake: Or Toad's Place [all laugh]. I guess playing at the Meadows would be cool too‚ cause you see shows there all the time.

To what extent do you hope to use your talents towards long term success? What is the ultimate long term goal for you?
Jake: I would love to stay with The McLovins as a band and see where that takes us.
Jason: The band's gotten too far for us to not…
Jake: People tell us you can just feel it when you see us‚ we have this certain energy together.