MM: You hit it right on the head. That's such a beautiful thing. From my own experience I know at shows I'll run into great people that I lost touch with. As long as that band is playing you know you will find that beautiful person again somewhere down the road. Even lately‚ I mean I've only lived in this town for a little over a year‚ and a lot of people I've met and consider friends‚ I don't even know their phone numbers. I know I'll see them out at a particular band that plays often or at a show that comes through town and I'll hang out with them there.
TH: It's really a cool thing where I've befriended people from all over the place because they were nice enough to come out see my band play‚ and nice enough to continue to come out and see us play.
MM: It's a beautiful thing. So you got the album coming out on December 21st‚ what's next?
TH: Tour! We are dying to go out on tour.
MM: Are you planning to play outside the Northeast?
TH: We did two weeks over the summer going to Florida and back‚ and it was great. The people that set it up were cool and did a great job promoting the shows. We played all the way down in Ft Lauderdale on a Tuesday night‚ and the club was packed‚ there was like two-hundred people there. We did Decatur - Jake's Roadhouse‚ and it was such a great time and great people. Being in the van traveling to play gigs‚ it was just great. I think we will do another Southern run in the early winter‚ and hopefully in late winter we will be doing the whole country‚ you know‚ hit Colorado and California. I'm really looking forward to getting out there and showing them what we got.
Originally published on, Dec. 2002
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