My grief subsided when woman wearing a hypnotic pink ski mask with an orange spiral adorning it strolled onstage and launched into Yeah Yeah Yeah's dance anthem "Heads Will Roll." The mask was soon removed to reveal a heavily painted‚ bangs hidden Karen O‚ front woman of the night's headliners. In the first half of their hour plus set‚ the YYY's got the small but loyal crowd moving with cuts from their last two albums‚ Show Your Bones and their newest‚ most club ready effort‚ It's Blitz. I was already enjoying myself‚ but I couldn't help but notice the absence of any material from their seductive garage punk album Fever To Tell.But when the group got the fever‚ they got it bad- Karen O. danced‚ stomped and yelled through raw Fever rockers like "Date With The Night‚" and my own personal favorite "Y Control." They also scored points for dedicating a sincere‚ stripped down rendition of "Maps" to Beasties legend MCA‚ which found Karen O. repeatedly annunciating "They don't love you like I love you as she pointed to her ecstatic fans. The night ended abruptly with the reckless fury of "Tick‚" a song that combines a hard hitting guitar riff and possessed wailing that simulates a bomb exploding. Although brief‚ the encore captured the essence and intensity of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's‚ and cemented their worthiness as festival headliners. And on top of that it meant I got to go home and take a hot shower.