GS: It's not an easy thing at all. To draw the lines between this conversation and the business is really a difficult thing. On a business perspective‚ it's really hard for people to understand what that's like to deal with - when it's hard to pay bills‚ when you're going after something that enlightens you on so many levels. It's unfortunate that it's not as appreciated‚ but that's just the reality of the world.
MM: Yeah‚ that's the other side of it. It is a business - there's competition and so much depends on timing and luck. If you're going out on the road 200 days out of the year‚ you have to come home and have something to show for it and be able to take care of yourself. You guys have already felt that‚ hitting the road and going for it.
GS: Yeah definitely. I'm thankful at this point because we have that understanding of what it's like to be in a band that plays a lot of shows every year and to be at this level. We have a better understanding now‚ and we can make the right choices based on that understanding. We just have to keep forging ahead and write and practice as much as we can with hopes that things will fall into place with our devotion‚ commitment‚ and positive outlook - that it will evolve into something bigger and reach more people.