Musical virtuosity is over-rated.
Japandroids are a Vancouver two-piece that try to sound like a five-piece. The result is a fuzzy, garage rock that shows you don't need to be a master of your instrument to write compelling music. Japandroids lyrics would most likely resonate with the mid-twenties male set as they almost always entail a sort of 'fuck responsibility and the future, let's get hammered and chase girls forever' ethos.

I hope to be seeing these guys at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago this weekend, although I am presented with a classic music festival dilemna--skip one one of my favorite bands (The Walkmen) or check out Japandroids simultaneous set?
Here's a video of them playing "The Boys Are Leaving Town" at Pianos in NYC the other night.
Go and buy the excellent Post-Nothing recently released on Polyvinyl Records.