So‚ what is it about Marco Benevento that stirs up the creative energy of a room‚ a generation and a pioneering musical movement? If you've seen him perform in the past‚ you know you can't just go home‚ roll over and fall asleep. There is an insatiable need to do something with all that residual creative energy. Fans‚ I'm sure there is a song‚ work of art or scribble or two that resulted from the late-night afterglow of one of Marco's performances.
Call it rock‚ call it jazz‚ call it genius‚ either way Marco Benevento has got it. Some might even be so bold to call it "magic" and‚ if it is‚ then it might be the truest definition of the stuff that I've heard.
"Run of the Mill" -> "Friends" - video by Mitch Manzella