It's funny you mention becoming a nostalgia act. When you left Percy Hill‚ Joe [Farrell] and Aaron [Katz] forged ahead with a harmonica player‚ and while it was interesting to hear them reinterpret the music‚ it still felt a bit like a nostalgia act. And while it was kinda cool it was also kinda sad‚ like they were hanging on by their finger nails. What you're doing feels very fresh‚ like maybe Percy Hill was a slight blasting off point‚ but it's not rooted in that at all.
Yeah‚ I think it refers to two different birds. I'm looking at this as a chance to try something new and current as opposed to resting on any kind of laurels. The most gratifying part of this is seeing new people get into the band that don't know Percy Hill‚ or AOD for that matter. That's really cool to see.