Yeah‚ it's the best.
Speaking of that‚ that's another reason I'm so blissed out all the time--I very happily divorced in '07. And I'm with this woman now who is the coolest shaman creature I've ever encountered. Totally gets what I'm doing and is actually pushing me--pushing me forward in a very vigorous way. I know Jacob Fred isn't about the personalities‚ but my personal life is just completely blissful as well. I've been very blessed.
That's cool‚ man. Years ago I remember you told me about your wife‚ how what you were experiencing through music was one thing that she'd never understand about you completely.
Yeah. That's the total truth. And you printed it‚ and she read it. I got shit for that.
[laughs] Sorry‚ man!
No‚ it's beautiful. What I told her when she was talking shit to me about it was‚ baby‚ it's the truth. You don't have any interest in what I'm doing. You've never asked me once to play the piano for you in our nine years of marriage. Never. She stopped coming to shows a long time ago‚ and we had a beautiful piano in the house and she never asked me to play it. It's the truth. And it's pretty interesting that you printed that‚ because I actually remember all the shit going down. But my girlfriend now is the opposite. She totally gets it‚ sometimes more than I do. She pushes so hard. If I do a 12-hour day at the rehearsal space‚ she might say‚ Yeah‚ I missed you during dinner‚ but I'm so glad you're doing that because you're sounding better than ever. She totally gets it.
Good for you‚ man.
Thanks‚ brother.