There was a peak of Nintendo resurrection about two years ago‚ I'd say. Pop culture seems to always rotate in 20 year cycles. But I guess enough math-rock bands got tired of being told that their music sounded like Nintendo music‚ so they just started to become a Nintendo cover band. There's a fair share of them - I've always put The Advantage at the top‚ there's also Select Start‚ and the notable feud beetween The Minibosses and NESkimos. Apparently it stems from the ideological stance on the validity of playing The Super Mario Brothers Theme Song. One of them apparently thinks it's too easy and kitchy‚ simply done to appeal to the masses and not to showcase the technical wizardry needed to perform other tunes. For despite the memorable melodies of Koji Kondo‚ the balls-out songs come from Konami composer‚ Hidenori Maezawa. Seriously‚ there's some people who are really into those guys. But anyway‚ I'm placing the new crown on Bit Brigade for the simple fact that they have an actual gamer in their band who plays an entire game live each set‚ which the band performs to. Here's a clip of them as the Contraband:

Of course when it comes to crafty covers of Nintendo songs‚ there's millions on YouTube‚ but this has to be my favorite as of late:

Aaaaand‚ it's kinda hard to go wrong with this gem: