Ahh, as it is one week to Hampton and welcoming one red-head back into my life, I feel I'm bidding another ginger farewell. I'm not afraid to say I got a little teary-eyed during Conan's last show this past Friday. Not so much by the fact that he's moving to a better time slot, but the fact that he's leaving NYC and the East Coast. And yes both Phish and Conan O'Brien came into my life about the same time, 1993 or so, and they have both profoundly shaped who I am. As they overlap at the point of the holy trinity with The Simpsons, I witness the cycles within them that have formed patterns within myself. Anyway, Conan chose the perfect band for the last show and they played the perfect song:

Ahhh, at least Letterman's still around. Did you see Ben Kweller on there a few weeks back. Boy has taken some serious twang pills and they're working wonders - best he's sounded in 8 years. BTW, "Launch Ramp" off 2001's EP Phone Home is one of the greatest 90 second rock tunes ever recorded. Here's the new one, "Fight."