Last November State of Mind presented Marco Benevento Trio featuring Jon Fishman and Reed Mathis at FlynnSpace in Burlington with special guest Nathan Moore opening the show. The sold-out performance was spectacular. It was an amazing experience seeing three of my favorite improvisers playing together‚ right after a solo set by one of my favorite songwriters.
Our favorite audiophile‚ Clinton Vadnais‚ produced this video of the trio performing "You Must Be A Lion‚" a track from Marco's album Invisible Baby. I spent a lot of time with that album in 2008 and it was in my top albums of the year (see the State of Mind Staff Picks ). A few weeks ago I received a copy of Marco's new album‚ Me Not Me‚ out February 3rd on The Royal Potato Family label (pre-order here)‚ and I've been listening to that nonstop. My impression of it thus far? Yeah‚ it's incredible. And that's what I love about Marco: he continuously puts out music that surprises me‚ with his imagination and voice blooming and evolving so gracefully record to record.
A few weeks ago we posted the first video Clinton produced from that show‚ Nathan Moore performing "Understand Under‚" so check that out too.