Despite fronting several punks acts over the years‚ both utterly obnoxious and not‚ and notwithstanding the few gigs this year that ended with him knocking out stage-trespassing fans‚ this year's compilation of Jay Reatard Matador singles is far different than the garage-punk he was making a decade ago‚ and is best described by Jay himself: "I just think it's noisy pop music." Yeah‚ and it's good too.

With acoustic guitar shockingly up front‚ many of these ten tracks sound like B-sides to Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Catchy melodies‚ memorable choruses‚ dynamics --somebody should have told this kid to stop huffing paint years ago! On "You Mean Nothing to Me‚" he shows he's even taken on a touch of class with his insults as the chorus repeats "I care nothing for you."
"See-Saw" will be the one that never leaves your head though: "She creeps me out!/She creeps me in again!"