As usual, we've been busy here at the State of Mind HQ. We're getting ready to bring in the New Year right (seeing live music multiple days in a row, and straight on through until the wee hours of the morning on the first day of 2009), and we've been busy reflecting on all the great music of 2008.
To celebrate, we had to get State-of-Mind on it. That means we're having a section for our writers/enthusiasts to voice their opinions on their favorite albums and blab about some of their favorite experiences of the year. But we have to go a bit further, too. Just like your favorite band does. Or a band you sort of like that is trying really hard.
So… we also asked some musicians and industry people that we've worked with to share their favorite music moments of the year. People seem to enjoy that, plus, shit, maybe we'll score a few brownie points. And since we've always tried to make State of Mind about community, just like the experience of seeing music and sharing music is, we invited a bunch of our friends over on a recent Sunday to tell us some of their favorite albums of the year. We fed people mimosas and rummy hot mulled cider and put them in front of a camera under the great direction of Scot MacMillan and Matt Bushlow. You couldn't write this music geekology.
The full-length video, as well as our staff and our industry/artists lists will be up very soon. The video will be about 25 minutes long, and fantastic. For the time being, here's the teaser: