Brother John Derhak's new book‚ Chill Your Cockles‚ will be available in stores on the first of the year. You can‚ however‚ pick up a collector's edition‚ signed by both Brother John and his brother‚ bassist Rob Derhak of moe.‚ at the moe. Republic. Brother John sent us this note last week (and he even warmed my cockles by sending me a t-shirt):
I'm happy to report that the Collector's Edition of CHILL YOUR COCKLES‚ signed by Rob and John --the brothers Derhak-- will be ready for shipping Monday‚ December 15th.

The follow-up to TALES FROM THE MOE.REPUBLIC‚ John's Pulitzer Prize contending debut novel‚ CHILL YOUR COCKLES‚ features four harrowing and haunting tales that will shiver your timbers and make your cockles tingle with fright‚ including the powerfully chilling‚ supernatural mystery‚ "The Bones of Lazarus."
For those who have not ordered‚ Collector's Editions of CHILL YOUR COCKLES‚ featuring cover art by Rob Derhak‚ limited to 500 editions‚ are still available.
"Chill Your Cockles" T-shirt & Book Bundles are also available.

For more information about yer Cockles and purchasing visit:
Check out my conversation with Brother John from August and read my conversation with Rob Derhak from early 2007.