Well, folks -- here's the lost episode of State of Mind Radio: Episode 26. Not sure what happened, really. It was 90-percent finished and then it got… lost. But then just the other day, it was found.
We're happy to now be part of a long tradition of quality programming with lost episodes, including such greats as The Honeymooners, Get Smart, and Married... with Children. (Yes, an episode from season three of Married… with Children, "I'll See You in Court," was lost due to Fox refusing to air it because of its inappropriate subject matter. It was later found and aired on FX and included in the DVD.)
So sit back and enjoy what is sure to be a collector's item, this very special formerly lost episode, all about Issue 26 of State of Mind, and a good blast from the past.
Oh, and by the way, right around the time we worked on this podcast, we decided to try something different. Our first experiment came when Nathan Moore -- the cover story for Issue 26 -- came to town. We recorded a live set and interview with him, the first episode of Live from State of Mind. That got us thinking about all the different things we could do. You'll see some more cool stuff in 2009.
This episode was produced by Alison Duback and Matt Bushlow. Engineered by Alison Duback. Commentary by the following agents of music enthusiasm: Matt Bushlow‚ Mike McKinley‚ Doug Collette, Gary Miller and Adam King.
Clips from the following songs appear in State of Mind Radio, Episode 26:
Jimi Hendrix - "Power of Love"
Roberta Flack - "Killing Me Softly"
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - "Slow Breath, Silent Mind"
Ron Carter - "Uptown Conversation"
MMW - "Let's Go Everywhere"
SMMD - "Fat Kings of Gods"
Nathan Moore- "Understand Under"
Nathan Moore - "Lazy Way"
Nathan Moore - "Daydream in the Real World"
Session Americana - "Coal Oil Johnny"
Session Americana - "Trinity"
Session Americana - "John Brown"
moe. - "Rebubula"
moe. - "Blue Jean Pizza"
moe. - "It"
moe. - "Deep This Time"
moe. - "All Roads Lead to Home"
Grayson Capps - "Junior and the Old African Queen"
Malcolm Holcombe - "Goin Downtown"
Pat Metheny - "Son of Thirteen"
MMW - "Where's the Music?"
Howlin' Rain - "Dancers At the End of Time"
Tyler Ramsey - "Once In Your Life"
David Grisman & John Sebastian - "It's Not Time Now"