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The SlipThe Slip are returning to the Paradise in Boston on December 27‚ for what will be only their second show of the year‚ and to celebrate this special occasion State of Mind is giving away a pair of tickets.
The Slip have been quiet as of late‚ busy with other projects. Together they've been writing‚ playing and plotting with Nathan Moore as Surprise Me Mr. Davis (who will be doing a NYE show days later in NYC)‚ and they did a tour as Sonya Kitchell's band. Individually‚ they've been playing in a variety of bands‚ like Marco Benevento TrioSuper Little and Land of Talk‚ and Brad Barr released his first solo album‚ The Fall Apartment. And‚ as you might recall‚ they shocked the music industry this year by releasing an album called Nine Inch Nails and giving it away for free: Get it here.
And yet‚ when the three of them get onstage and play music together‚ there's nothing like it. Don't miss this special show with co-headliner Benevento/Russo Duo.
Check out this song and video to see why, and then fill out the form below by Dec. 22 for a chance to win two tickets to the show.
"Wolof" off Live is My Jumby

"Even Rats" live, 5/17/07