Just got this email update from André Cholmondeley of Project/Object:
Hello Folks
sorry to announce this -- you may have seen it on various websites by now.
Adelaide Gail Zappa is at it again - her usual‚ yearly waste of legal fees‚ to scare clubs into backing out of shows with many groups‚ including ours. I am proud to say -- that in 12 years or more - she has ONLY succeeded in getting THREE gigs cancelled‚ out of 100s‚ maybe over 1000 shows.....
BILL's BAR‚ Boston MA
21 Nov 2008
Sorry about the inconvenience........
"Due to Adelaide Gail Zappa and her incessant‚ worldwide legal attacks on fans honoring Frank Zappa's music‚ and attempts to negate his request (according to the Zappa hotline‚ Dec 1993) to "Play My Music"‚ the Project/Object show for Fri 21 Nov 2008‚ at Bill's Bar in Boston‚ has been cancelled.
Stand by for further details on the threatening letters. All other shows‚ have proceeded fantastically or are proceeding as planned‚ since what we do is 100% legal under US law. It's sad that lawyers are being enriched every year by this useless letter-writing campaign (all clubs also get threat letters).
FYI - The band Ugly Radio Rebellion‚ who you'll remember was under attack for Dec. 2007 shows‚ just had to cancel all their Nov 2008 shows due to a couple of clubs' unfounded fears of Adelaide Gail Zappa suing them. Bogus Pomp in Florida also recently was attacked for celebrating this music. Artists in Germany also continue to be attacked. Other artists worldwide performing shows‚ or legally releasing recordings of Zappa music are regularly attacked.
What a waste of good money that could be used to release more Zappa music......
We are not breaking any laws and we will continue to perform Frank Zappa music for you. And maybe even a little of the music of Mozart‚ Stravinsky‚ Gustav Holst‚ The Seeds ('Pushing Too Hard' used in 'Sy Borg')‚ Yes (1984 'Bamboozled' solo section)‚ The Beatles (medley played on 1988 Zappa tour)‚ Richard Berry (Frank quoted "Louie Louie" DOZENS of times)‚ Herbie Hancock (riffs quoted in 'Greggery Peccary')‚ Culture Club ('I'll tumble for ya')‚ The Doors ('The End'‚ 'Light My Fire')..and on and on and on....
I am conducting research into where and when Frank Zappa got permission to perform‚ record or parodize ALL of these and many‚ many other various artists' music. Of course sometimes he sought permission‚ and when RECORDED and RELEASED‚ he certainly paid mechanical royalties. But certainly many times he didn't.
For a guy who has a LARGE part of his art based on USING THE MATERIAL OF OTHERS‚ his estate is strangely‚ hypocritically opposed to any one else doing the same!
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Thank you
Andre Cholmondeley