For many‚ many reasons‚ moe.'s "Rebubula" is the song of the day -- on this very important day. It's nice to see that moe. just announced some tour dates for early 2009‚ after taking a much deserved break from touring this fall. That's one reason. This past weekend I went back to an interview I did with bassist Rob Derhak in early 2007 when the band was about to release The Conch. It was originally published in the Feb/Mar 07 issue of State of Mind‚ but now it's available online because it should be readily available for everyone to read at any time. So that's another reason.
But‚ of course‚ there are more important reasons. I started that interview with an intro that said "Rob Derhak is a great songwriter." A few years back at moe.down‚ my girlfriend (Live Music Beth) turned to me during the Derhak-penned "Rebubula" and said‚ "Is this the greatest love song ever?" It moves with such blazing passion. It's both simple and complex. Its desperation is matched with its assuredness. It's real and it's perfectly human. It's an epic. And when the band plays it‚ it never feels like bullshit. It's like they collectively get lost in the rage and passion.
"Rebubula" was the last song I heard in 2007 before the band took a set break at Radio City Music Hall. I was having a blast‚ a big-ass smile on my face and that no-place-I'd-rather-be feeling. In that half hour before the band took the stage to ring in the New Year‚ I had about 10 minutes where my friends dispersed and I sat quietly‚ observing the crowd and reflecting on the past year and what the next year would bring. I remember saying to myself‚ "What's going to happen in 2008?" I thought about personal issues‚ things I struggle with‚ goals to set for myself. I thought it was remarkable that this band I've been seeing since I was 18 still was a catalyst for some dirt digging and committee-in-my-head time. I thought about how honest that is and how honest the experience can be. With no question‚ I believe in it.
And of course‚ I thought rather heavily about how today would come. After everything we've been through‚ 2008 would be the year we'd elect a new president. Well‚ for the first time in my life‚ it's pretty amazing to vote for a presidential candidate that I really believe in. Let's hope it works out for the best and let's not go down for a third time.
Give it some time to load and throw on some headphones (and crank it):
moe. - "Rebubula" 12/31/07 Radio City Music Hall

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