One of my earliest memories is "playing guitar" with a broom to "Pictures of Lily‚" doing the windmill‚ pretending to be Pete Townshend. It was my first favorite song. It's about masturbation.
I didn't know it was about masturbation. I didn't even know what masturbation was. I was about four years old.
My big brother Jim got me into The Who‚ way back then‚ and tonight we're going to see them in D.C. In honor of this‚ here's an oldie but goodie. And to bring us to present day‚ here's a newie and goodie‚ "Endless Wire‚" off The Who's 2006 release Endless Wire. If you don't know this album‚ check it out. It exceeded even my expectations‚ a dyed-in-the-wool Who fan. It's truly great.
Pictures of Lily

Endless Wire