That's interesting you say you're hearing a trumpet part or something like that. That's great. You must go off to some really interesting places.
Yeah. [laughs] Sometimes it's hard to get me back.
Well‚ that's a cool thing. I think that works with the audience most of the time‚ too‚ where I think they're there with you. I think that's what makes it great.
Yeah. It's funny seeing the whole group together at moe.down or something and watch everyone kind of just freak out. It's this great freak-out together. It's good. We've got snoe.down coming up‚ too.
Yeah‚ that's gonna be a good time. I'm looking forward to it. Actually‚ I got my skis with me going to Denver right now‚ so I'm gonna try to get a little skiing in while I'm out there before snoe.down.
Good. Yeah‚ that was insane last year. Little bit cold. [laughter]
Yeah‚ I don't think we're doing the outdoor gig. I think that might have been a one-time-only. [laughter]
Yeah‚ it will go down in history-a crazy one-time-only thing. The other thing is‚ kind of with the evolution of things‚ [Jeff] Waful being your lighting director.
[laughs] Yeah‚ not bad for a writer!
Totally! Hell of a job. I thought it was great in Radio City‚ just some of the stuff he pulled off.
Yeah‚ I think that was one of his best moments. I actually was at a point where I was just standing there‚ staring at the ceiling like‚ "Holy Shit!" [laughter] It was really cool. Which doesn't really happen that often.
So is that something else that kind of works into improvising?
Yeah‚ he's sort of like a sixth man on a basketball team. The only time you know he's really there is when he fucks up. Like sometimes he'll hit a cue‚ and we're so used to him and us working off each other that if he misses a cue it might fuck one of us up and we'll hit at the wrong time‚ and everyone will get fucked up. So that's how interlocked we are with him. And sometimes we'll be off and he'll hit it‚ and it'll look like he's off‚ but we really fucked him up. I don't know.
It's like the chicken and the egg: Who fucked…
Fucked the chicken first. [laughter]
Exactly. Who fucked the chicken first.
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