He's one of those guys who can really straddle that fence between the jazz world and whatever you want to call this other scene.
Yeah‚ he's an incredibly inspired player. I just feel like HYENA has survived strictly out of stubbornness. We're just going to do our thing and work with artists we believe in‚ banging our heads against the wall until the wall falls down. Going back to what we said earlier‚ how we market our stuff‚ we don't have big budgets to really do the proper amount of advertising but we're trying to get it into as many ears as possible‚ hoping folks will come out to see the band‚ buy the music. I hope all this doesn't sound too cynical. It's just that creative music takes longer.
No. I think that's necessary. There's this inspired kernel of music at the core of this whole thing that's just beginning to blossom‚ but it is still in a problematic phase of it all. There's going to be some cynicism.
Yeah. There are actually some great creative musicians who are very successful right now‚ and I think those guys help pull along some of this stuff‚ like the My Morning Jacket guys. The Black Crowes have always been cool about that too. There are a lot of musicians you can point to that have been really helpful.

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