I keep imagining myself celebrating New Year's. It's at Madison Square Garden and I'm full from a delicious vegan meal at a great NYC restaurant. I've got on a fabulous dress and my hot pink boa‚ there's a huge smile on my face‚ and I'm swaying with my arms raised in the air. My heart feels like it's squeezing because I'm overtaken with the fullness of the music coming from the stage‚ or really just music in general… or maybe life in general… and I'm surrounded by my friends. We're drinking wine and laughing and the whole thing feels huge but really intimate.
My Morning Jacket ends and we're all smiley and silly and laughing and gather our stuff and stumble out to the street where there are cops all over and drunk people and loud people and signs of that thing we've all seen on TV‚ the ball dropping‚ but we've never actually been to and we're so happy that we've never felt the need because there's always been great music happening somewhere. We walk a bit and head down into BB King's where the Duo and Surprise Me Mr. Davis are doing their NYE show‚ and I do the whole arms-in-the-air-heart-squeezing-loving-life-drinking-wine-laughing-with-friends thing all over again.
And when I imagine that part inside MSG‚ this is the song that's playing…
(Oh‚ and when I imagine this‚ Jim James is fully recovered from his Iowa City fall. Thank God!)