John Mayall's live The Turning Point from 1969 is one my favorite albums. I grew up listening to this album because my mom would play it all the time. It stuck to me like glue and seems to keep getting better with age. "So Hard to Share" is my mom's favorite from the record‚ so here it is.
I've always wanted to write about this album‚ and in fact‚ I started to. But one day I got an email from State of Mind contributor Henry Soule saying‚ "There's this album by John Mayall that I think would make a great 'Albums You Should Know' column in State of Mind…" So‚ I thought how interesting it would be to hear someone else's perspective on an album that I cherish so much. He did a great job - it's on page 10 of our latest issue‚ which you can read here.