Every day there are new albums in the SoM mailbox‚ which is great… and also hard to keep up with. Early last fall I opened a package from a band I'd never heard of‚ The Low Anthem. Everything else fell away as my hands ran over the handmade screenprinted CD case made of cardboard from a cereal box.
If I don't already know the names‚ the CDs that get popped in first are the ones that look good. Usually‚ the casing tells a lot about what's on the inside‚ and this look was classic‚ simple and creative. So I popped it in. And immediately fell in love.
When I opened my eyes this morning‚ brilliant sun was pouring in and the bright fall leaves were flickering. The Low Anthem's version of "Keep on the Sunny Side‚" from What the Crow Brings‚ the album that made a home in my collection last fall‚ was running through my head‚ so here it is -- the Song of the Day.
But wait‚ there's more: recently I went to the mailbox and there was another beautiful handmade screenprinted CD case -- classic‚ simple and creative. The Low Anthem's Oh My God‚ Charlie Darwin. Here's "Charlie Darwin" from that album.
The last time they were in Burlington‚ we recorded a podcast with them‚ and there will also be a Low Anthem feature in the next issue of State of Mind. So keep your eyes… out.
The Low Anthem - "Keep On the Sunny Side"

The Low Anthem - "Charlie Darwin"