Do you think there's a Vermont thing that's brought about a free‚ open sort of rock style ?
Absolutely. I'd say Vermont is a huge part of all the music I've made. Just from having an audience that's more willing to listen to original material and from it not being an urban area. And having‚ you know‚ fiddler contests in Hardwick and Craftsbury‚ the towns where I live. They were huge every year. I think that combined with the amount of boredom I had growing up in a small town in Vermont was really a factor in giving me time. Like‚ what else am I gonna to do? To play music and to kind of not feel the pressure of the outside world as much‚ I think that's a big part of it. I mean‚ Vermont's a great place. It's amazing the music that's coming out of here. The amount of players and there's usually a good amount of friendship and good-spiritedness.