State of Mind and Tompkins Square Records are giving away signed copies of Brad Barr's new solo instrumental album‚ The Fall Apartment. Just fill out the form below by Oct. 17 and cross your fingers.
As a member of Northeast-based band The Slip‚ Brad's guitar prowess has always been notable‚ but his true gifts and distinct musical voice are on full display throughout this solo guitar album. A heady set of original compositions is complimented by such diverse covers as "Maria La O" by legendary Cuban musician Ernesto Lecuona‚ Kurt Cobain's "Heart Shaped Box‚" and Le Trio Ferret's "Gin Gin." The introspective tone of the album recalls such overlooked loner guitar gems as Lenny Breau's Cabin Fever or Richard Crandell's The Flower of Our Youth‚ whilst staking out a thoroughly modern approach to solo guitar here in the late '00s.