The record has been done for so long. Does it feel strange to have it finally coming out now‚ more than two years later?
It did for a while‚ and then I went down and hung out with Josh and he told me‚ "Oh yeah‚ by the way‚ the same day that your record is coming out‚ I'm also releasing this other record‚" and he handed it to me‚ and I looked at it‚ and it's a guy named Polk Miller. It was recorded in 1909. Suddenly two years compared to a hundred seemed like a tiny little period of time‚ so I wasn't as conscious about it after that. And for any musician‚ it's a big deal to actually enjoy the music that you made even after a year or two. For a lot of us‚ even six months ago it's hard to deal with‚ you know? Like‚ Oh‚ I don't want to listen to that. The fact that this record sits well with me now -- if I were to listen back to it and say‚ "Oh God‚ I can't believe I'm putting that out‚" I would probably have a lot of anxiety about that. But I'm really cool with it.
The only thing for me that gives me any trouble at all is the fact that this is the first solo record I'm putting out‚ and I feel like as a solo artist I've rounded out my repertoire with a lot of songs that I really enjoy singing. I'm comfortable in that it's exactly as it advertises itself: it's a solo instrumental acoustic‚ and if I were to go out and play solo acoustic right now‚ I'd be really content playing these songs and it would feel current for me. The only problem is if I go out and play solo‚ I would like to sing. In that same time period‚ since that big transition for me in 2005‚ I feel like my writing with lyrics and regular song structures has grown a lot‚ where I'm really proud of the songs I have‚ which‚ by the way‚ you can hear on a new MySpace page I put up under the name Super Little . If you're curious‚ you can go pick up Super Little. I think there are four or five songs up there‚ a little more singer-songwriter-style songs. My goal is to get something out that represents that side of my solo crafting. Even though it's actually with an ensemble‚ it's much different for me than with The Slip. You can't replace anyone in The Slip. It's one of those rare bands that way. It's nice having a band where you can say‚ "Jeff can't make it‚ so then maybe Simon can come down and do some keyboards." Kind of having a repertoire and a bunch of friends that can carry it out.
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Brad Barr - The Fall Apartment