Michael Moore is radioheading his new film‚ Slacker Uprising. You know‚ radioheading... giving away for free a work of art that one could have gotten paid for. While other musicians have followed Radiohead's lead and given away their albums‚ this is the first major feature-length film to be released on the internet for free. Good ol' Michael Moore.
Slacker takes a look at Moore's experiences on a college-campus tour to get out the youth vote for John Kerry for the 2004 election. (Or perhaps I should say, to get George Bush out of office‚ since it seemed most people were more voting against Bush than voting for Kerry.) You know how that ends. Sigh. But Moore says what he encountered was "both inspiring and frightening‚" which‚ just like his other work‚ makes for a good watch.
Moore says he's doing this for two reasons: to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Roger and Me (if you haven't seen it‚ put it in your queue -- it's getting on in years but is just as relevant as ever) and to encourage new/young voters to get out this November. Here's hoping it helps.
Here's the trailer. Click here to download/stream the entire film for free.