Yeah‚ I'm gonna be looking for that date for sure.
It's not bad. Not bad at all.
So you guys have been coming to the Grassroots Festival for a long time now. What's special or unique about this festival for you?
It's been about nine years‚ right around there. It's definitely one of our favorites. We basically come here and we set up shop for the entire weekend. We don't book anything else around this weekend‚ actually. And a lot of our friends play here‚ and the quality of music seems to be pretty good and pretty consistent here. So many friends.
Yeah‚ some of you guys are from around here‚ right?
Some of the guys are originally from around here‚ but this is like my second home‚ just coming here so long through the years. But it is just a nice vibe festival. I mean‚ some of the summer festivals have turned into pretty dark places in a lot of ways‚ and I end up going to a lot of them and staying back at the VIP band area‚ playing my set and getting the hell outta town‚ ya know? This one just seems more fun to mingle and chill‚ and it's a little bit higher of a vibe for me‚ personally. It's one of our favorites I think‚ yearly.