MM: So you do a lot of that these days. Just sit at home and just work like a mad scientist.
TM: Pretty much. Mix records and finish tracking different products I'm doing and collaborate with other people as well. Music madness as I call it.
MM: Yeah. That's great. It's so much more advanced than the days of‚ like‚ a four-track.
TM: Yeah!
MM: Like… even that blew my mind. (laughter)
TM: Well‚ it's still insane! The whole idea that you can make a record by yourself. It used to be to record you had to go into a studio and have an engineer and all these things‚ and that's still a great way to make a record and always will be. But to have this kind of freedom and a lack of time constraint in your own studio and just being able to really sculpt your music out. What a great advance it's been! (laughter) Since digital has come on the scene. Although some people bitch about the sound and stuff like digital versus analog. But it's just another medium that we have to work with. And it's a great one. It's insane.