I wonder if you had to go through that period of the alcohol and the clashing to get to the point where you were just really straight and really brothers with each other.
Yeah‚ when we started to come together‚ that's when we started to experience the real joy of playing together.
Well‚ there seems to be a real pleasure in the way you guys perform onstage. Catch a glance between you and your brother or him and Nathan and you're going‚ "Yeah‚ this is what it's all about. This is what we came here for." It's great to see. It really is. Let me ask you one more thing about the new album. I'd be interested to know your estimate of how long it took to finish from beginning to end. In the whole process of lets say the date that you actually felt like you started recording to the day you were satisfied with it as a whole CD.
Well‚ I do have an estimate including preproduction. It would be a little bit over two hundred hours. And that's a pretty close estimate just because the studio computer program can clock that.
Wow that's pretty good. You must've felt like you were working pretty efficiently to get through the recording process and the whittling down to the takes you wanted in pretty straightforward fashion then.
The studio that we record at in Boulder‚ we've been recording there for six years. The studio owner is like a second father to me. So when we go in there‚ he's given us time and so it's just a comfortable place. We're not afraid to get things done fast‚ but we're also not afraid to wait for the right take. There's no pressure or weird‚ mysterious moments where we just have to take a huge break or call it a day. It's more like we kind of know what's going on so if we take a 10-minute break or work on something else‚ then it'll kind of fix itself and there's no weird pressure.
Well‚ like you said‚ you've got the studio computer to clock your time‚ but then no one's really watching the clock‚ and that must be a great sense of feeling relaxed enough to let the ideas flow without being too conscious of them.
Yeah‚ it is a blessing.