Ahhhh‚ yes‚ the High Sierra Heartbreak. Let's revisit it‚ shall we?
If you weren't there‚ I'll sum it up real quickly for you: Nathan‚ like many (all?) of us‚ had a fantastic Saturday night‚ which turned into a fantastic Sunday morning‚ which turned into... a kickball game! I sat on the sidelines‚ but good ol' Nathan‚ he got in it. And not just in it -- he kicked a home run and topped that off with an unassisted double play to end the game. Day-um! (And that's only part of the reason I named him "The Mayor of High Sierra.")
Here's another reason: He then slept a tiny bit‚ and had a mishap with some lost car keys‚ but still made it to his 3:00 set at the Shady Grove stage‚ playing with a borrowed guitar and harmonica. With a bit of a gravelly voice‚ he told us he didn't fret, he knew it would be OK‚ that the good people of High Sierra would help a brother out and make it work. That's High Sierra‚ he said. And that made us smile.
He ended that set with a song he made up only hours before‚ serenading his fellow night owls stuffed into an RV. He called it "High Sierra Heartbreak." And here is that heart-warming set closer‚ preceded by his triumphant crawl onto the stage:
And here is a clip of "When a Woman‚" with Marco Benevento sitting in‚ from Surprise Me Mr. Davis' set the day before:
And lastly‚ during Mr. Davis' a capella Saturday late-night set closer‚ with my camera tucked away in a bag across the room‚ I thought‚ Man‚ I hope someone's getting a photo of this. Well‚ thankfully‚ John Chapman did. Check it out here and another one here.
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