When do you think you hit that point where you realized that?
I'm constantly re-realizing it. I think you learn that pretty early on‚ though.
It's a continuous journey. You have to keep assessing. You've been teaching….
I teach in Berlin at the Jazz Institute.
Are you learning quite a bit about yourself being a teacher?
Definitely. I really love teaching because you have to kind of diagnose a problem and figure out how to help them‚ and I enjoy that a lot. I feel like I'm a kind of music doctor for people. It's fun. Everybody's in a different situation.
Do you feel like you're also a philosopher?
Yeah. I tend to teach a lot in metaphor. I'm always coming up with analogies and visualizations for whatever we're talking about. I enjoy teaching because it's like having a really good conversation sometimes. It's philosophical‚ but also very practical. I'm a very practical teacher.