If you've been to Higher Ground or a festival or JamCruise‚ you've probably come across Mikey VanGulden. With his big ol' dreadlocks and his inches towering over you‚ he looks like he can kick your ass hard‚ but he greets you with a warm smile.
But that smile couldn't ward off a car‚ which on July 5 ran through a red light and hit Mikey on his bike. He spent days in the ICU and ER‚ and is lucky to be alive. Unfortunately‚ Mikey doesn't have insurance‚ and you can imagine the bills that are racking up.
Here's what that warm smile can do‚ though: bring people together to help a brother out. Last night at Nectar's a benefit featuring Turkey Bouillon Mafia with special guests like Seth Yacovone and Dave Grippo brought in over $4‚000 for Mikey. The place was packed to the brim‚ showing just how much people love him.
You can show some love‚ too‚ by clicking on the "donate" button on the right side of this blog page that was set up for Mikey (which also has photos from last night).
Going to see live music is a beautiful thing‚ and it's even more beautiful when you're not greeted at the door by an asshole. Let's show Mikey how much we appreciate that.
Mikey with Seth Yacovone, from last night: